Clare and Cory Share
A (Glorious) Story

by Joe Bromley

A story about sharing, caring, exploring and daring.  This live theatre show supports phonics and literacy, using PSHE and geography, and encourages den-building!  It has our trademark anarchic energy but it is a gentler, simpler show, written entirely in rhyme, to encourage children to not only share their belongings and enjoy a great story, but also to explore the natural world so close to home.
And, yes, our infamous really big pants DO make an appearance.  Perfect all year round – including World Book Day!

“The amazing Really Big Pants did it again.  Joy from start to finish.  BOOK THEM – they’re brilliant”
Mrs Hollingdale, school librarian, St Richard’s Primary

Watch a taster!

Created for EYFS/KS1

Running time 45 minutes

Let us explain:
Jane shares her train (batteries not included)
Anmol shares his doll (wonky leg; mended several times)
Michael shares his cycle (a trusty three-wheeler)
Willow and Joe both have a go with a yo-yo
Clare NEVER EVER shares her pear
Until she loses the class bear (uh-oh)
Enter Cory
Can he save the day with a story?

This show is a springboard into learning for the new primary curriculum, focusing on PSHE, phonics, and imaginationCLARE AND CORY SHARE A (GLORIOUS) STORY provides a thorough entry point into storytelling, geography and nature.  Our resource pack for teachers is bursting with discussion points and activities in art, wildlife and habitats and physical education for use prior to and following our performance.

Pre-show activity
We can provide you with a template of a bear as an optional pre-show craft activity, for children to decorate and display before we arrive.  This helps build anticipation for our visit and gives everyone a chance to be creative.

CLARE AND CORY SHARE A (GLORIOUS) STORY is also available as a longer form picture book, illustrated by the award-winning Steve Smallman (of Poo in the Zoo fame)!  The book can be bought from us at events or ordered through Waterstones, and is stocked in the Alligator’s Mouth and the Chicken & Frog indie children’s bookshops.

Please may we have:
A parking space for our car
Two chairs (sturdy enough to be stood on)
30 minutes in the space beforehand to set up, and 15 minutes afterwards to pack away
Lots of brilliant kids in the audience!

“Great performance!  I loved it, and there was such good acting.  Thank you”
Natalia, The Week Junior Book Festival

“I would just like to say how much my little one and myself enjoyed your show!  It was so engaging that she remained focused for the whole play, even at such a young age.  Thank you for making her very first visit to a theatre so special!”
Mum, Courtyard Arts Centre

“You made such a simple and educational play into a gripping adventure.  We loved it and Benjie thinks you should be performing at the Courtyard every weekend.  He has been talking about it all day long”
Sylvia, mum, Courtyard Arts Centre

“Your show was mind-blowingly amazing!  All the places you created felt so real.  I hope you know how special it will have been for all the spellbound children who got to see it – they were captivated from start to finish.  Everyone was absolutely buzzing afterwards and we can’t wait to invite Joe and Willow back again soon”
Blakeney, Linton Children’s Book Festival

“Thank you for managing to keep their attention with such a fun and energetic show.  We all enjoyed it and will have fun reading the story at bedtime!”
Family, Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre

“Excellent – great fun and the grandchildren loved it.  They couldn’t wait to buy the book”
Family, Brentwood Theatre

“We loved it!  Big thank you.  How did you remember it all!?”
Family, The Globe at Hay

“So beautiful seeing the children come to you both – warm, kind and exciting storytelling.  Congrats on a lovely show!”
Chanté, Riverside Studios

“You went down a treat and as always there were many smiley faces leaving your marquee!”
Director, Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival

“Thank you for a fantastic day!  You were brilliant and the children loved the whole experience”
World Book Day at Hilldene Primary

“A M A Z I N G”
Zachary, age 8, Karamel Kids

“Brilliant – wonderful rhyme and very funny – and also so visual which made it very engaging for children to follow.  Still remember your pirate show from six years ago!”
Zibiah, mum, Karamel Kids

“You really transported us all to the different places.  Funny and poignant.  We loved it – and look forward to reading the book at home.  Hope to see you again!”
Mum and Robyn, age 5, Karamel Kids

“Thank you for an utterly fabulous afternoon of theatre, fun and fantastic big pants!  The kids had a riot!”
Stepping Into Stories Herne Hill Kids Lit Festival

“The storytelling and sound effects kept our daughter captivated throughout.  Really magical”
Toby, Barnes Christmas Storytelling Party

“My daughter had a wonderful time and found it really entertaining.  We all loved it!”
Mum, Askew Road library event

“Fantastic show.  Three generations enjoyed it so much!”
Malek family, Chiswick Book Festival

“We loved it – absolutely wonderful.  It is fantastic to have seen the show and now to read the book – this kind of treat is a massive contributor to helping my daughter learn to read!”
Gemma, mum, Chiswick Book Festival

“I really loved it!”
Y1 pupil, St Thomas of Canterbury Infant School

“I was amazed – you had them engaged from the start.  Thank you for celebrating World Book Day with us!”
Aftercare manager, Belmont Primary

“Lovely!  So different!”
Parent, Alligator’s Mouth Children’s Bookshop

“It was outstanding.  Very very good acting”
AJ, age 7, Shepherd’s Bush library

“Wow!  We loved it”
Mrs Handley, deputy head, Bourton Meadow Academy