“Joe and Willow, you are a wonderful duo and thank you for entertaining our families.  It was lovely to see parents and children getting involved with the activities.  Have a wonderful Christmas”
Sacha, programme co-ordinator, Roundwood Community Centre

“Y’all are amazing, it was excellent!  A great merry Christmas story!”
Mahaylia, age 9, Roundwood Community Centre

“We loved the show!  Absolutely heartfelt, you took us on a wonderful emotional journey.  The children and adults all loved it”
Allison and Ellie, Christmas event, Shepherd’s Bush Market

Tom, Liese and Boe, age 4, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“Amazing!  Thank you so much for being so inclusive to my son.  He loved it”
Carole and James, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“I enjoyed this show so much I give you 1000/1000”
Zuva, age 10, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“The kids loved it as it was very fun and engaging.  It truly lifted the Christmas spirit”
Family, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“We loved the show so much we watched it twice!  The activities between performances were really good fun and the two actors had all the children totally engaged”
Lara, Purdy and Cecily, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“He was absolutely glued to the performance – thank you!”
Chloe and Arthur, age 3, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“Absolutely brilliant.  Great meaningful story line”
Sarah, Arthur and Sidney, Christmas event Milton Keynes

“The show was great and crafting was fun!”
Family, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“Thank you so much, it’s made her day!”
Emma and Livvy, age 8, Christmas event, Milton Keynes

“It was fantastic – the children really enjoyed it”
Megan, EYFS teacher, Gospel Oak Primary

“5 stars!”
Hattie and kids, Chiswick Flower Market

“Wonderful girls, such a lovely little show.  Love the ‘presents/presence’ part!”
Mum, Chiswick Flower Market

“The children have been buzzing all day and it was the perfect start to our festive season!  We all loved the show – small and big.  Thank you so much”
Miss Morley, Y4 teacher, Old Oak Primary

“My 2½ year-old has never sat still for so long!  Wonderful!”
Arabella’s mum, The Vineyard School summer fair

“We had so much fun!”
Dad, The Vineyard School summer fair

“The show was great fun.  My boys really enjoyed it”
Mum, The Vineyard School summer fair

“My little one was enthralled!  She loved all the silliness and watched it twice”
Mum, The Vineyard School summer fair

“This show was the best ever!”
Annelise, age 7, The Vineyard School summer fair

“Thank you so much for coming today!  You were an awesome addition.  Everyone loved it”
PTA, The Vineyard School summer fair